Trade Fair Organizer

CO2 compensation for trade fair organizers

As a trade fair organizer, you have several options on how to use Travel & Tree. Using Travel & Tree is free of charge. This means that your exhibitors and visitors will be able to automatically plant a tree without a surcharge while booking their flights and accommodations.
Travel & Tree means: 1 travel booking = 1 tree for free.

Trade fair exhibitors and visitors: plant trees for free

  • Integrate Travel & Tree into the website of the fair, e.g. under “How to get here”.
  • Notify your exhibitors and visitors of this option.

They can have a tree planted free of charge by booking their travel via Travel & Tree. You as the trade fair organizer enable every journey and every night to make a small contribution to climate protection.

How it works
1. The event location (here Munich as an example) can be preset.
2. Start your search (blue button).
3. Choose your hotel and book a room.
4. That’s it!
5. We plant a tree for you.

Individual trade fair travel information

Our goal is that your trade fair participants identify with the cooperation offer between you and us. Therefore, we create a specific trade fair page on our Travel & Tree website that you can refer to from your website. This specific trade fair page will show all relevant travel options that are related to your event. They will be clearly listed so that a visitor can find their way around immediately.

All of your exhibitors and visitors can make a contribution to climate protection when they arrive at their destinations and stay overnight. Each booking plants a tree for free.

CO2 compensation package for exhibitors

We can create a specific CO2 compensation package just for your trade fair. You can offer it to your exhibitors, either as a mandatory contribution or as a voluntary fee. A voluntary fee is ideal if you are currently preparing the next trade fair and there are already some exhibitors who have booked and paid for their booth.

A voluntary CO2 compensation offer can be booked at any time, even retrospectively.

It’s your decision how large the contribution shall be, e.g. per square meter of exhibition space.
We recommend a flat rate. This flat rate defines a certain number of trees or the corresponding CO2 equivalent.

Orange circular button with slogan to compensate for CO2 emissions
Entrance ticket and parking ticket trade fair

Travel & Tree for all exhibition visitors: 1 ticket = 1 tree

The best way to get all visitors involved in climate protection is to link each entry ticket to a tree. You can do this in several ways:

  • A tree will be included in every ticket.
  • You charge an extra fee for a green entry ticket, e.g. as a mandatory contribution or voluntary option.
  • You have the coupling of trees to an admission ticket sponsored by a company. Use the option as a supplementary advertising space on every ticket.

Of course, you can also define the number of tickets and trees according to your own ideas or your budget. For example, 5 tickets = 1 tree or 10 tickets = 1 tree, or also 1 ticket = 5 trees.

We are happy to talk about possible double deals. We can add a tree bonus when a certain number of tickets and trees is reached.

Exhibition arrival: CO2 compensation offer for drivers

You can consider an additional CO2 compensation deal for everybody who arrives by car. Depending on the infrastructure, you may also link each parking ticket to a tree.  

We would be happy to provide you with a list of distances in kilometers, related CO2 emissions, and possible costs for CO2 offsetting.  

Tree subscription for mileage traveled on business

We offer a tree subscription to compensate for all business-travel mileage traveled on business per year. As a future-oriented company, you can make a contribution to compensate for your fleet or inspire every employee to take advantage of a tree subscription themselves.

Travel & Tree for all employees – business trips

Regardless of which options you choose, you can of course use Travel & Tree for your own company, too. All your employees/colleagues can book their future business trips via Travel & Tree and thus also make a contribution to climate protection. The principle is simple: 1 booking = 1 tree. 

If you are working with a travel agency regarding your business trips, let’s discuss which solutions we can best implement for you. Cooperation is also possible at this point.

Travel & Tree for all employees – private travels

As a committed employer, you can offer your employees the option of booking every private trip via Travel & Tree as well. A tree is planted free of charge for every holiday booking.  

Vacation offers that can be booked through Travel & Tree:

Manual for more sustainability at trade fairs

Soon, we will publish a guide for more sustainability at trade fairs.
When you buy it, we plant a tree in return.

10 tips for more sustainability in everyday office life

Also soon, there will be a guide with 10 tips for more sustainability in everyday office life, which you can download free of charge as a PDF. For every PDF download we will plant a tree.