Compensate for your driving

Compensate for your driving footprint

Do you love driving a car? Do you sometimes feel guilty about the CO2 footprint that you leave behind with it?
Fantastic. Then you’ve come to the right place. We don’t want to belittle your passion about your car or your driving. We just want to invite you to contribute to climate protection and plant some trees with us.
Get involved and do something good in terms of environmental protection. Planting trees is one essential fact to stop climate warming. It also supports several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) according to 2030 Agenda.

700 Trees for Drivers

Do you love muscle cars and do you drive a lot by car? Then this 700 trees package is the right one for you. You are making a great contribution to climate protection! Find out more >>

500 Trees for Drivers

The 500 trees package is ideal for everybody who owns a car with a high fuel consumption and who also drives a lot. With this tree package you are making a valuable contribution to stop climate warming. Find out more >>

300 Trees for Drivers

The 300 trees package is the ideal option for drivers who drive a lot in general. Every car trip causes CO2 emissions. Give something back to nature now and plant 300 trees. Find out more >>

100 Trees for Drivers

Do you have a small car that? No forest is created from 100 trees only, but 100 trees make a decisive contribution to recultivating some deforested areas. Find out more >>

50 Trees for Drivers

30 trees help compensate you your CO2 footprint and also support families to overcome hunger and poverty. Find out more >>

10 Trees for Drivers

Do you occasionally drive your car and do you love nature? Great, thencontribute to climate protectiand plant 10 trees. Find out more >>

Useful information

All trees and crops are planted in Tanzania. The projects are various non-governmental tree projects.
You can find more information under tree projects >>

Also read more about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how planting trees promotes them.
It’s much more than just climate action.