Do you always plant a tree per booking?

Yes. I guarantee at least one tree per booking. Most of the time I will plant more than just one tree. This depends on the deal and the provision Travel & Tree gets from each partner.

Where do you plant the trees?

Travel & Tree supports afforestation projects in Tanzania. We are in the process of setting up new projectsa in other regions, too.
You can find some more information about the tree projects here.

What is more important: to plant new trees or to protect existing rainforest?

Both. To protect the existing rainforest has got a high value to climate change, because every tree already stores a lot of CO2 and the deforestation of every tree releases this CO2. New trees are important to store new CO2 that’s emitted to the atmosphere. It also helps bring back biodiversity in deforested regions, which becomes a new livelihood for indigenous and rural communities.

When I use Travel & Tree, do you know any personal details about my trip?

No, we definately don’t. You book your trip with your favorite tour operator or travel organization as you are used to do it. They don’t share any personal data with us. We only get the anonymous information that a new booking was made.

Is Travel & Tree a charity or NGO?

No, it isn‘t. I am a social entrepreneur and finance all operating costs with commission payments that I get from my partners. Please remember that there are no extra costs for you. I plant the tree for free for you.

Do you offer volunteer work?

Yes and no. As of now, we can’t offer any volunteer work in tree planting projects, unfortunately. We hope do so in the future. When you are interested in supporting Travel & Tree you can help us raise other people’s attention, e.g. via social media or SEO onpage & offpage optimization. If you are an expert in communicating with online communities please get in touch with me. Thank you.

I love the idea of Travel & Tree. Can I help promote it?

Of course, you can! Tell your family, friends and colleagues about Travel & Tree, follow us on Instagram (profile to come) or get in touch with me to discuss details.

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