Plant a tree - made easy

With Travel & Tree you can easily plant trees. There are various options how to do this.

Tree packages

Link your offers and services with a tree package: for your travels, hotel, guesthouse, holiday homes, rental car, camper van, motor camp, conferences, trade fairs, events or ticketing. >>

A tree subscription is the ideal way to plant trees on a regular basis, according to your wishes and according to your budget. >>

Tree shop

Our tree shop offers you various tree packages for every occasion to bring joy to yourself or others. At the same time, you do something good for the environment. >>

Individual forest

In principle, you can sponsor as many trees as you want. If you want to sponsor more than 500 trees we can arrange an individual piece of forest where only you and your company are planting trees. >>


Do you have another idea about a collaboration? Great. Please tell us about it. >>