Tree pool for tree sponsors


Tree pool: What is it?

The tree pool gives you an equal opportunity to support all our tree projects in Germany. Since the word tree project pool is very clumsy, we’ll shorten it to tree pool.

A tree sponsorship usually refers to a specific tree project and a specific planting area. However, damaged areas in Germany are usually relatively small compared to similar large-scale projects in Africa or Central/South America that are known via the media. It means, when we finish reforesting a damaged area with 500 to 1,000 trees, we must move on to reforest the next damaged area. With the tree pool, you can always sponsor trees for the next available project that is in progress; this is advantageous for all partners who, for example:

  • cannot or do not want to do a tree sponsorship for an individual forest area
  • cannot set a fixed number of trees per month, want to remain flexible,
  • and want to use our tree subscription.

Interesting note

Trees are only ever planted twice a year in spring and autumn. That’s when it rains the most, and the tree seedling has the best chance of surviving and growing well. That means within the time in between, we manage all sponsorship money and plan and partly finance a project with it, e.g., for pre-ordering the tree seedlings, which have to be ordered very early because the demand is very high and resources are scarce. The young trees must first be nursed before we can plant them in the open field. A seedling is about 20-60 cm tall at the time of planting.

Tree species

About 10-15 different tree species are suitable for planting in Germany, depending on the location and local conditions. We usually only plant two or three different tree species at one location. In small areas, one or two tree species are suitable. In principle, we consider native species according to the recommendation of the forester. The native tree species include silver fir, small-leaved lime, larch, douglas fir, hornbeam, common beech, sycamore maple, sessile oak, tree hazel, walnut, cherry and others.

Do you like to sponsor some trees as well? Great. Just get in touch with us. We look foerward to hearing from you.