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The most important things you should consider while planning your trip

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Are you planning your next trip? Or don’t you know yet where your next vacation is going? Do you have the feeling that you are overwhelmed by so much information on the internet and you don’t even know where to start planning your next trip?

Travel planning is quite complex if we look at it closely. Basically, there are countless variables that can influence travel planning and determine the outcome of a vacation. We have to make many little decisions that all together make up our holiday experience.

Travel planning is quite complex if we look at it closely. Basically, there are countless variables that can influence travel planning and determine the outcome of a vacation. We have to make many little decisions that all together make up our holiday experience.

The same applies of course to business trips. They are much easier to plan because the date and place are usually dictated by external circumstances such as Exhibition location and fair date. When it comes to your own holiday, we tend to think a lot more about details. The decisions will probably be considered.

There are many people who are desperate for travel planning on a regular basis. Below are a few points that will hopefully make your trip easier.

Travel plans: Book everything in advance or rather not?

Depending on where and how you travel, it may be beneficial not to plan everything down to the last detail. This leaves a little room for flexible local decisions. What you plan and book in advance depends on your personal preferences. Some book everything possible up to the last detail in advance, including tickets for the museum, a city guide or a visit to the restaurant etc. Others, however, only book one flight and the first and last night of the stay and arrange everything else on site. There is no right or wrong. It depends a bit on the travel destination that you want to visit to get the best possible result. Some things should be planned in advance, others do not necessarily have to be clarified in advance. What belongs to what is not a secret, but it is difficult to make blanket statements. Everyone is different and therefore every travel plan is individual.

Tips & Tricks for the right travel preparation

 Before traveling, it’s important to think about which type of travel you are, where to go next, and what type of travel you prefer.

1) Which travel type are you?

Want to explore everything on your own and experience as many adventures as possible? Or do you rather travel in a group with an established organizer from your home country? Or is a package holiday with your permanent partner or a friend / girlfriend the most?What is especially important to you? Nature? Culture? History? Depending on what is particularly important to you, this limits the choice of possible travel destinations. 

Think about whether you want to book all the travel components individually and keep the maximum flexibility or rather book a trip with an organizer who takes care of everything. What do you prefer?

2) Where should the journey go?

Depending on your budget and the time available to you, you can start thinking about the destination next. (Over time, you will find here specific tips for your travel planning by travel time and location etc.)
Do you want to explore your homeland or fly far away? Weigh whether the travel time is in good proportion with the distance and the time of arrival and departure. A 10 hour flight for 3 days of vacation is probably more stressful than it is for your recovery. Then just 1-3 hours, right?

Ask yourself how you like to travel:

  • by plane?
  • by train (especially climate-friendly)
  • by car?
  • by bus?
  • or by bike or on foot?

There are great travel deals for all options. Check it out!

3) What exactly do you want to experience?

Part of the travel planning is to consider what you want to experience everything on vacation. Do you want to know everything in advance and book already? Or do you prefer to leave it to chance and your mood at the resort?Some things make sense to book in advance, such as a plane or train ticket, a rental car (if you want to borrow one) and accommodation. This is especially helpful in the main season. On the other hand, if you are traveling as an individual or as a backpacker, you will often need 1-2 nights on the first and last day of arrival and departure to decide everything else spontaneously.

4) What is it that you should take with you?

Yes, that is not an easy question – because here too everyone is different and everyone needs different things on vacation. In general, you’ll probably always need less than you pack by habit. It is amazing that this applies to both the people traveling on vacation with 25-35 kg per person, as well as the backpack traveler who only carries around an 8 kg heavy (or light?) backpack …

FYI: Soon, you will find useful tips that help you decide what to pack.

If you are still at the very beginning of your travel planning, just browse the offers. Maybe the possibilities will inspire you.

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  1.  Check your next flight
  2. Check your next accommodation
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  5. Check your next holiday deal