Triple Book & Tree 250


Triple Book and Tree 250 is the best deal you can get: 3 books + 250 trees.
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With this package you plant 250 trees in Tanzania. Addiotnal to that you will get 3 books.
This is an amazing contribution to help stop climate change. Find out more about the tree project here >>


The books you get are three copies of a guide called SONNENLAUNE. It’s about 555 leads how to travel save and healthy worldwide. It tells you how to avoid frauds and ripp-offs while traveling all around the globe, and how to stay away from any problem that may cause an unpleasant feeling.
Soft-cover, 216 pages, available in Germany. More details about the travel guide SONNENLAUNE >>


Price incl. shipping costs in Germany. Please contact me for shipping to other countries. Thank you.
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