10 Trees for Christmas # Family Package


This is a contribution of 10 trees to compensate for your whole family: the Christmas tree you get, any decoration you hang, any light or candle you light up, any online shopping you did to purchase presents, the production of any of these products, the complete packaging, gift wrap paper and ribbon you use, any greeting card to write, any food for your Christmas dinner or any trip or car ride you do to meet your family and friends. Just imagaine, that all this costs energy and causes CO2 emissions. Christmas time is time to give back. Give back to nature this year, too.

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These 10 trees help both, the climate by offseeting some CO2 and local farmes to earn money with their planting work. It’s highly appreciated as several families make their living from it.
Please note:Planting trees supports the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), according to 2030 Agenda. You can find out more about the SDGs here >> and read about the tree project here >>



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