Tree Projects in Germany

We have different tree projects in our German portfolio. They vary in region and size.
Current focuses are:

If you are interested in sponsoring trees for one of these projects or starting your own forest project in your company name, please contact us. Then we can coordinate the details for you.

Of course, we can initiate any tree projects near a desired location. Ideally, this goes along hand with a tree sponsorship of at least 500 trees. Smaller projects are possible in general, but the effort for project planning, area preparation etc. is then relatively high in relation to the number of trees.

Tree Species

Approx. 10-15 different tree species are suitable for planting, depending on the location and local conditions. Usually, the forester considers 2-3 different tree species at one location, and in small areas 1-2 tree species. We will only plant native species such as fir, larch, small-leaved lime, douglas fir, hornbeam, common beech, sycamore, sessile oak, tree hazel, walnut, and cherry.

If you have any queries regarding the projects, please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with more information.