Tree Packages

A tree package is the perfect tool to link your travel offers, trips or events with a contribution to climate protection.
The implementation is very simple.

A tree package is a specific number of trees

  • You can determine the size of a tree package yourself.
  • You define what you associate with a tree package.
  • You decide whether it is a compulsory contribution or a voluntary benefit.

You can use any number of trees for your interests.

You can link a tree package to your offer in various ways so that your travel guests, clients or customers can plant as many trees as possible with you.

  • Include a tree package in the offer = trees are included in the price.
  • Tree package as an extra (surcharge), either as a compulsory contribution or as a temporary additional option.
  • Tree package as an additional offer by e-mail, e.g. as an attachment to a booking confirmation.

There is no limit for your creativity.

Benefits of tree packages

  • Important contribution to climate protection.
  • CO2 compensation for trips or events.
  • Reduction of the CO2 footprint of various components such as travel, hotel stay, catering, etc.
  • Closing the natural cycle: taking resources and giving something back to nature.
  • Direct promotion of various SDGs according to 2030 Agenda
  • Green benefit related marketing
  • Raising the awareness of travelers, corporate customers or event participants for better environmental awareness.
  • Positive public perception.

General procedure, example: tree package as an extra offer

  • You define a tree package that you want to combine with your trips / events.
  • You offer this tree package with your regular travel / event offers so that every guest / customer can book it additionally.
  • If a guest / customer books the tree package with you, you order the desired number of trees with us, e.g. briefly by e-mail.
  • You will receive an invoice for the trees.
  • We plant the trees for you.

Tree packages for various individual topics related to travel