Planting trees in the Taunus: Neu-Anspach

Thanks to our good collaboration with various forest owners, we have already been able to implement several tree projects in Neu-Anspach.
The forest areas are approx. 35 km from Frankfurt.

Reforestation: ongoing tree project in 2024!

In 2024, we will keep on planting trees in Neu-Anspach. There is enough space for another 1,000 trees here in the Taunus. The total area is 1.56 hectares, while the intact 60-year-old forest is only 0.4 hectares. Douglas fir, coastal fir, sycamore maple, lime and red oak were planted on the damaged area in several stages.

Natural tree sowing let grow individual cherries trees and maples. Last planting season, we planted some sweet chestnuts, a tree species that has been cultivated in Germany for a very long time.It has proven to be very resistant to drought.  By mixing these different tree species, the forest is ready to stand and future challenges such as pest infestations, drought or other environmental challenges.

baeume pflanzen, taunus, frankfurt, baum-sponsoring, unternehmen
aufforstungsflaeche taunus, frankfurt, waldarbeit vorbereitung baume pflanzen

What about you? Would you like to sponsor some trees exclusively for this remaining forest area?
We can meet on-site for PR/marketing reasons for you to take some pictures and symbolically plant a few trees etc.

Aufforstungsfläche Taunus, bei Frankfurt
aufforstungsflaeche im taunus, borkenkaefer, fichtenwald

From left to right: manual clearing of the area before planting, current areas (marked zones), there are no trees any longer (due to bark beetle infestation), reforestation area on the left + standing forest on the right.

Planting trees: What we did already

Tree project in Neu-Anspach

In autumn 2023 we planted another 400 trees. We would like to thank the tree sponsor, an established company based in Frankfurt.

aufforstung, heimischer wald, wiesbaden, frankfurt
aufforstung, heimischer wald, taunus, wiesbaden, frankfurt
aufforstung regional, deutschland
aufforstung, taunus, heimischer wald, nachhaltigkeit

5 months after first planting in Neu-Anspach

You might not believe it, but nature can spread extremely quickly. Unfortunately, trees take a little longer… Here you can see a young tree that was planted in March 2023, which is now almost drowned in all the bushes around it. The undergrowth must be cut away regularly in the first few years so that the seedlings survive and do not suffocate in the thicket.

baeume pflanzen, nachhaltigkeit, taunus, junger bausmetzling
junge neue waldflaeche im taunus, neue baeume pflanzen
aufforstung, heimischer wald, taunus, wiesbaden, frankfurt

Afforestation in Neu-Anspach

Merz Therapeutics GmbH realized its first tree project with us in Neu-Anspach in spring 2023. The company sponsored 1,000 trees, which were planted by professional forest workers.We met with the forest owner early on a Saturday morning to watch their great work.

Status before tree planting work

This is what it looks like when the area is cleared just before tree planting begins.

Are you also excited about seeing how fast nature and forests can come back? Then get in touch and take on tree sponsorship with your company. We look forward to hearing from you.