Reforestation in the Koberstadt Forest

This tree project was completed in November 2021. It was carried out in collaboration with the Rotary Club Dreieich-Isenburg, the Rotary Club Offenbach-Dreieich, and the HessenForst forest office in Langen for reforestation in Hessen. We supported the project financially and pro-actively, invited partners to sponsor, and took up the spade on site ourselves.

The Forest Manager showed us how to plant the tree seedlings with their sensitive roots.

The Managing Director, Michael Darnieder, from Tedexa GmbH, actively supported the campaign.

Irene Smetana from Travel & Tree in action:
“Where there is a will, the ground is not too hard!”

Unfortunate current situation.

In the forest lies a seedling that gives the forest new hope!

Background information to the tree project

The reforested wooded area covers two hectares of woodland. Approx. 13,000 oak trees were planted here in autumn 2021.
The Koberstädter Wald is a species-rich forest area in the south of Frankfurt, near Langen. Its size corresponds to about 10-12 km in north-south direction and 4-5 km in east-west direction. It is an extremely valuable local recreation area that needs to be protected. It offers a sustainable habitat for numerous animal species and insects. Parts of the Koberstädter Forest belong to two European protected areas according to the Fauna-Flora Habitat guidelines. This project will only consider oak trees simply because it is the best choice for this location. This corresponds to the requirements of HessenForst.