Tree projects in Hesse

We are very passionate about tree projects in Hesse because we are based in Wiesbaden. The forests in Hesse urgently need our help to continue to shine in lush green. Here, you will find an overview of the current tree projects that we have in Hesse and completed tree projects, which we supported.

Tree project in the Taunus: Weilsberg/Feldberg

Undoubtedly, the Taunus needs some support. The region around the Großer Feldberg is an important local recreation area near Frankfurt/Main. From spring 2022, we will plant 15,000 sessile oaks, hornbeams, and copper beeches here.

We cordially invite you to plant trees with us in the Taunus!

Completed tree projects in Hesse

Team event in Neu-Anspach

At the end of October 2022, we quickly implemented a project with 240 trees in Neu-Anspach. A company from Frankfurt and eleven cheerful employees took up the shovel, the spade and many seedlings and planted new trees diligently. You did a fantastic job! It was a great morning with lots of fun! Thank you!

Travel & Tree Baumprojekt

Reforestation in the Koberstadt Forest

In November 2021, we supported a reforestation project in the Koberstadt Forest. The Rotary Club Dreieich-Isenburg, the Rotary Club Offenbach-Dreieich, and the HessenForst forest office in Langen collaborated on the project. We joined this project and got some partners who sponsored a few trees.