Tree Subscription: What is it?

A tree subscription is the easiest way to compensate for your CO2 footprint. Of course, it would be best to avoid CO2 emissions as best as you can. If you can’t, you can compensate for them. With a tree subscription, you start planting trees on a regular basis, in accordance to your CO2 footprint and your budget.

Advantages of a tree subscription

  • You make a valuable contribution to environmental protection.
  • You lower your personal carbon footprint.
  • You get a snippet for your website that counts your trees automatically. 
  • Your employees and customers positively perceive your contribution to climate protection. 
  • You can profit by using your contribution for your own marketing.
  • As an employer, you will attract young, skilled people to your company.

The question should not be whether you plant trees, but how many.
Every tree counts.

Every year, each person in the US or Canada causes CO2 emissions of 16 tons. The global per capita average in 2016 was 4.8 tons.*
It is not a matter of calculating your own CO2 balance and offsetting it one time only. We need to understand that climate protection is fundamentally part of our consumption: 1) by consciously avoiding offers that are carbon-heavy and 2) by contributing regularly.

CO2 and greenhouses gases arise with both, everything you can see and everything that you can‘t touch.

Almost any activity in our daily life causes CO2 emissions. Often, users don’t realize that everything consumes natural resources and energy, e.g. for the production process. As long as manufacturers don’t use energy from renewable energies, every item we utilize relates to some CO2 emissions. Furthermore, each transport, storage and delivery causes more CO2 emissions. Here some examples for hidden CO2:

  • Everything we eat and drink
  • Every smartphone or tablet we buy
  • Every fashion item we wear
  • Every item we order online
  • Using the internet and every search in a search machine
  • Watching TV and every second of a streaming service
  • Every travel, every night in a hotel and every car ride

* Source: BMU report “Climate Protection in Figures 2018”

Travel & Tree signet for your contribution

With a tree subscription, you get an HTML code to put in place on your website. This way, all vistors to your website can see immediately that you care and that you contribute to climate protection. This HTML code represents a signet that shows the number of trees that you have planted. It also indicates the corresponding CO2 equivalent that you have compensated for. These figures will be updated every month automatically. This information will be available in English very soon.