Tree packages for the travel and MICE industry

With a tree package you can easily link your travel offers and event services with a contribution to environmental and climate protection. The basic idea is simple: link yor travel or event business with trees so that every occasion automatically gives something back to nature. Many travel and holiday destinations thrive on the beauty of nature. That’s why we have to protect them.

For tourism professionals & travel services

Our open tree projects are ideal for the following companies:

  • Tour operators, travel planners, inbound and outbound agencies
  • Travel agents, travel consultants, and freelancers in the travel industry
  • Festival organizers
  • Booking platforms for tourist offers
  • Hotels, guesthouses, and landlords of holiday apartments/houses
  • Providers of booking software for hotels, holiday apartments, or similar
  • 1 grouptrip = 10 trees
  • 1 flight ticket = 1 tree
  • 1 booking/guest = 1 tree

For the MICE industry

Sustainability is becoming more important at events. You can use tree packages to reduce your event’s carbon footprint.

  • Organizers of trade fairs, congresses, conferences, and incentives (MICE)
  • DMC agencies, event agencies, bus shuttles, driving services, catering, etc.
  • Event planners, providers of incentive trips, and team-building measures
  • Conference hotels or landlords and marketers of event locations
  • 1 event = 100 trees in total
  • 1 green fee per exhibitor = 20 trees
  • 1 speaker = 1 tree
  • 1 ticket = 1 tree

For business travelers and private individuals

Until now, most people focus mainly on flights when it’s about environmental protection. In fact, it’s not only about flying. Any trip also costs resources, although it may mean less emissions. However, everything we do, no matter how we travel, always costs energy and natural resources. That’s why we believe that we should give something back to nature with any trip. Always. Not just when we get on the plane.

  • 3 holidays per year = 30 trees
  • 1 week holiday: 4 persons + 1 dog = 5 trees
  • 7 days rest = 7 trees

Afforestation: protection of native forests

The importance of trees is currently underestimated because they are often only seen as a vehicle for operational carbon offset and CO2 neural compensation. A forest performs many important functions beyond storing carbon from CO2 (carbon dioxide).

  • Important recreational areas around urban centers
  • Essential areas for popular holiday offers in nature
  • Economic location security for tourist and leisure regions
  • Valuable ecosystem and habitat for many animal and insect species
  • Improving biodiversity
  • Protection against soil erosion and drying out of the forest floor
  • Stabilization of the groundwater level

Every tree produces the oxygen (O2) we need to breathe.

Plant trees - for nature, for tourism in the future!

Link your travel offers with planting trees