Tree packages for holiday homes

As a landlord or sales agency of holiday apartments and holiday homes, you can use a tree package as a lump-sum and CO2 compensation: Inspire your guests to book the tree package while booking a holiday home with you. It’s like a gift paid back to nature and a carbon offset for the entire stay at your place, including the journey by car.

Tree package as an extra service

An environmental lump-sum, i.e. a tree package, can be a voluntary or compulsory amount based on the number of people, beds or overnight stays. It is up to you what you associate with what, e.g. 1 stay for a family of 4 people = 60 trees. 

Best practice is to include a tree package as an extra service in the existing service portfolio and to incorporate this contribution into the booking process as a further up-sell offer. Every holiday guest can automatically do something good for the environment when they book a holiday home with you and offset their own carbon footprint at the same time.

Use your vacation rentals to contribute to climate protection together with your holiday guests.
The costs of a tree package depend on how many trees you want to plant. You are free to decide. Here are a few ideas:

  • 2 weeks stay in a holiday home for 4 people with a dog = 60 trees
  • 1 week stay in an apartment for 1-2 people = 20 trees
  • 1 environmental lump-sum per person per stay = 5 trees

There are no costs for you as a landlord or sales agency of holiday homes.
You are simply expanding your existing range of services by a tree package as CO2 compensation.

Why is it so important to plant trees?

  • Trees filter CO2 from our atmosphere and protect our climate.
  • The renaturation of areas increases natural biodiversity and stops soil erosion.
  • Preserving our forests and reforestation are essential to prevent terrible natural disasters in the future.
  • Planting trees is an important contribution to preserving the natural beauty of our world.
  • A tree project with educational measures increases the general awareness for more environmental protection.
  • A good tree project in a developing country creates valuable jobs and helps people escape from poverty and hunger.
  • We can only prevent climate change if we all make a contribution.

Link holiday homes to planting trees

It is very easy to include a tree package in a vacation offer or booking process. Get in touch with us and we will tell you how you can implement it in the fastest and most uncomplicated way. You can find more information about our tree project here >>