Tree sponsorship for companies

Tree sponsoring is the best way for a company to contribute sustainably to environmental, climate, and nature protection. There are several ways for companies to do something worthy for our future. Foremost, every company (and each one of us) must reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and the consumption of natural resources. The ultimate opportunity to make a quick change that will stop or, at least, slow down climate change lies here. Stopping deforestation would also be an essential factor in keeping our climate in balance.

More sustainability for companies

Planting trees is a significant part of every sustainability strategy to do something good for the environment. Afforestation projects help make our forests more climate-resilient to withstand the demands of future climate changes. The following options are available if you want to plant trees with us:

  • Tree sponsorship as part of your sustainability strategy
    You can plant trees as a general contribution, to commemorate a corporate anniversary, as an incentive for marketing activities, as compensation for packaging and shipping products, as a gift for employees and customers, etc.

  • Media-effective planting campaign with your team or customers
    You can start your tree planting action at a team-building event with or without a digital gaming app.

  • Tree subscription for a continuous contribution
    You decide how immense your contribution is in trees or euros.

Benefits of tree sponsorship

  • Reduction of the carbon footprint of all business activities
  • Protection of our native forests as local recreation areas and holiday destinations
  • Preservation of valuable ecosystems for fauna and flora
  • Improving biodiversity in the forest
  • Direct promotion of several UN goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda
  • Possibilities of use for Green Marketing
  • Positive perception among employees and the public