Reforestation in the Taunus: Weilsberg/Feldberg

In 2022, we had a great a tree project in the Rhein-Main catchment area to protect the forests on Frankfurt’s doorstep. The interests was great and many well-known companies from the region took part with a tree sponsorship. Thanks a lot for this! We will continue in 2023 and plant more trees in the Taunus. Details about the of the new site will be available shortly.

Weilsberg: Afforestation on the Feldberg

The entire area around the large Feldberg is an important local recreation area for the population of the Rhine-Main area. It must be protected permanently. Reforestation is necessary because the former spruce stands that grew there were attacked by bark beetles and are now being replaced by climate-resilient mixed stands.

Feldberg afforestation details:

    • Total size of the afforestation area: 2.3 hectares
    • Location: Weilsberg, in the Feldberg District (division 2323)
    • Responsible forest office: HessenForst, Forest Office, Königstein
    • 15,000 sessile oaks, hornbeams, and copper beeches were planted here in 2022

Scope of work

  • Preparation of the ground
  • Seedling and its planting through professional tree planting staff
  • Bite protection for the seedlings: either growth covers or a fence
  • Forest care: keeping young trees free from nettles and blackberries, etc. so they don’t suffocate

Sponsors of this tree project

Pictures Afforestation Area as of May 2023

Pictures Afforestation Area as of December 2022 (different part)

Pictures Afforestation Area as of August 2022

Pictures Afforestation Area as of April 2022

Pictures Afforestation Area as of February 2022