Reforestation in the Taunus: Weilsberg/Feldberg

We have a tree project in the Rhein-Main catchment area to protect the forests on Frankfurt’s doorstep.

Weilsberg: Afforestation on the Feldberg

The entire area around the large Feldberg is an important local recreation area for the population of the Rhine-Main area. It must be protected permanently. Reforestation is necessary because the former spruce stands that grew there were attacked by bark beetles and are now being replaced by climate-resilient mixed stands.

Feldberg afforestation details:

    • Total size of the afforestation area: 2.3 hectares
    • Location: Weilsberg, in the Feldberg District (division 2323)
    • Responsible forest office: HessenForst, Forest Office, Königstein
    • 15,000 sessile oaks, hornbeams, and copper beeches will be planted from spring 2022

Scope of our work

  • Land preparation and planting
  • Bite protection for the seedlings: either growth covers or a fence
  • Forestry activities in the coming years include forest maintenance, keeping blackberries free, etc.
  • Forest care: keeping trees free from nettles and blackberries, etc.