Tree packages for travel and event planner

If you are planning a vacation or event for your customers and want to do something positive for the environment, you can add a tree package to your offers. Including a tree package shows your customers that every trip or event benefits the environment.

Think of trees when planning

A common problem: Everybody wants to balance their carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint for a trip or event, but it is usually a second process that planners have to run parallel to the actual planning process and which travelers or customers must carry out directly. It is inconvenient, gets lost in everybody’s busy schedule, and is thus often postponed and eventually forgotten.
To deal with these challenges, you can use tree packages and offer them to your travel guests or customers. Contributing to climate protection becomes super easy for them, and they can no longer avoid it.

Online events are not CO2 neutral

Sustainability is becoming increasingly essential, but implementing green or sustainable solutions is not always easy. Online activities are more environmentally friendly than offline experiences, but they are also not CO2-neutral. They waste electricity, use energy-guzzling server capacities, and the technical equipment was produced thousands of miles away and only came to you via various shipments and supply chains, which are all associated with high energy need and resource usage. Therefore, it is best if you also plan a tree package for every online event.

Did you know that the internet causes as much CO2 emissions as global air traffic (before Covid)? The trend is increasing rapidly.

General procedure

  • We brainstorm together on how you can effectively include tree packages in your offers.
  • We will provide you with all the essential information, several ideas and suggestions for your maximum benefit.
  • There are, of course, no limits to your creativity.
  • You add a new aspect to your range of services, namely the tree package.
  • You give the tree package a name, e.g., environmental lump sum, or climate protection contribution, or some other similar name.
  • You offer this additional tree package as part of your proposal, just as you do with other services, such as event location, hotel, catering, technology, moderator, keynote speaker, bus transfer, photographer, table decoration, and flowers.

The process is the same for your collaborating partners. The principle is easily adaptable to all types of trips and events. Some business units require special compliance rules, but there is always a solution to link a tree package with an offer. Let’s have a chat about how you can take advantage of planting trees.