Tree packages for tour operators

Tree packages are the ultimate option to combine your travels with a contribution to climate protection. It is easy to plant trees as a tour operator. Upgrade your trips with an environmental flat rate so that every trip gives something back to nature.

Tree package: Upgrade your travels

Like it or not, every trip produces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The quantity of emissions produced depends on the type of trip. Upgrade your travel offers with an individual tree package so that your travel guests can automatically take advantage of it when they book a trip with you. The upgrade makes it easier for guests to plant trees, and there is no second payment process for the CO2 compensation. Travelers plant more trees along the way than if you leave it to each traveler to take care of it somewhere else. 

Every travel tree package is a valuable contribution to protecting our most beautiful travel destinations from the fatal damage caused by climate change.

Advantages of an individual tree package

  • You decide how many trees your tree package includes.
  • You can use tree packages of different sizes for different trips.
  • You decide whether it is a compulsory contribution or a voluntary benefit.

Examples of travel offers:
1 x long-distance trip for the whole travel group = 75 trees
1 x flight >6 hours flight time = 24 trees per passenger
1 x flight >3 hours flight time = 9 trees per passenger


3-week holidays = 21 trees
2-week holidays = 14 trees
1-week holidays = 7 trees

You decide how many trees to assign to a particular trip.

A tree package is more than just a CO2 offset for a flight.

Every trip is a burden on the environment. Depending on the trip, whether by air, car, camper, bus or train, the burden is sometimes larger or smaller. In principle, however, it never works without a CO2 footprint, unfortunately. The transfers at the holiday destination, excursions and rental cars also generate CO2 emissions.      
It is not just travel or local mobility that you should consider. Many other aspects of a holiday use resources from the environment or pollute the environment, e.g. through the production process, the supply chain, plastic waste, etc.

You can link a tree package to your travel offers in various ways so that your travel guests contribute to environmental and climate protection with their trips. Kindly get in touch with us. We will be happy to explain how you can implement it for yourself at no additional cost.