Tree packages for hired vehicles and motor camps

Traveling by car or camper van leads to an exclusive vacation with a variety of experiences. Regardless of the vacation impressions, every kilometer driven inevitably results in CO2 emissions. As a renter of rental cars, camping vans, scooters, mopeds or as an operator of a campsite, you can easily upgrade your offers with a green climate protection component.

Tree package: Upgrade your your rental cars, camper vans and motor camps

Do you agree that every motorist should also contribute to climate protection for all associated CO2 emissions? Then combine a tree package with your offers in just two easy steps:

  • Decide on the number of trees you want to link to your service.
  • Determine whether the tree package will be a mandatory compulsory contribution or a voluntary extra option.

That was it. Do you have more questions?
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You can make it possible that every vehicle on our roads will contribute beneficially to climate protection so that future generations can still enjoy the natural beauty of our world.

1 x rental car / van for 14-21 days = 21 trees
1 x rental car / van for 5-10 days = 10 trees
1 x rental car / van for 1-5 days = 5 trees
1 x motor camp for 5 weeks = 25 trees
1 x motor camp for 3 weeks = 15 trees
1 x motor camp for 2 weeks = 10 trees

A tree package is more than just a CO2 compensation for some driven kilometers.
Everything we do or consume requires energy, which is usually not green. If you want to consider the CO2 footprint of your offers, it’s not just about a mathematical CO2 value for a specific distance from A to B. It’s much more than that.
Let’s have a brief look: The production of a vehicle and the construction of a motor camp costs energy and resources. The processes include the production of all individual parts, their shipment from production facilities to their final motor camp destination, the production and supply chain of all spare parts, including the supply of light, electricity and water at the motor camp, etc., Also, food is shipped all around the world and seldom from the region only. Then there is the maintenance of vehicles and their need for fuels (petrol, diesel, etc.), daily garbage disposal, etc. These processes add up altogether.

Link your offers with a green component, namely a tree package, to pass it on to your guests and customers. In this way, every one of us can make a small contribution so that our beautiful travel destinations will remain the way they are.