Help Recover Our Forests

Help recover our burning forests again

Every year, raging fires destroy valuable forests in various countries around the world. There is nothing left of the beauty of a forest, an oasis for all senses. Destruction as far as the eye can see. Brave firefighters die in forest fires, people lose their homes, and the atmosphere groans under the burden of the carbon dioxide released by these fires.

Climate change and the warming of our atmosphere are contributing to the fact that forest fires are becoming more frequent and greater every year. Droughts, trees weakened by bark beetles and many other factors are the result of climate change and favor the unchecked spread of a forest fire. Help to maintain the beauty of our earth and bring the climate back into balance. Let’s plant millions of trees to reduce the impact of these natural disasters, destroying the basis of all our lives worldwide.

Chain of cause and effect # drougths

  • Droughts (dry air) => increasing danger of inflammation. Dry turf and lightning strikes increase the likelihood of wildfires and more mega forest fires (such as in Australia in 2019-2020) => vast quantities of CO2 released to the atmosphere => global warming => more droughts.
  • Droughts (dry trees) => booming bark beetle populations => forest devastations => release of stored CO2 into the atmosphere => global warming = more droughts.

Consequences of rising temperatures on earth

  • ice to melt worldwide in the mountains and in the polar caps
  • scarcity of fresh water
  • some populations of species are booming, such as mosquitoes, ticks, jellyfish, crop pests and bark beetles
  • global sea level is rising by 3.4 millimeters every year
  • erosion of coastal lines
  • increasing drought

Bark beetles are a serious problem to our forests. Their population has exploded over the last years because of higher temperatures and increasing droughts in the forests. Their immense distribution derange the natural balance of an intact forest that then leads to even greater damage during a forest fire. Bark beetles have already devastated millions of hectares of forests. The more CO2 is emitted to our atmosphere, the more likely new major forest fires will occur.

Furthermore, every forest fire leads to the emission of CO2 in enormous quantities, which in turn leads to more droughts and more bark beetles. It’s a vicious cycle. Therefore, start planting trees today to help the world recover and get back to normal!

700 Trees # Climate

700 trees are a valuable contribuition to help recover devastated areas. Find out more >>

500 Trees # Climate

500 trees definately help in growing a new forst and compensate for approx. 250 tons of CO2. Find out more >>

300 Trees # Climate

300 trees are a highly appreciated contribution to support our climate and replenish lost forest fields. Find out more >>

100 Trees # Climate

We cannot create a forest with 100 trees, but 100 trees will contribute significantly in helping nature to recover. Find out more >>

30 Trees # Climate

30 trees contribute to afforestation and renaturation projects. Find out more >>

10 Trees # Climate

Every tree counts. Therefore, 10 trees also help to bring back natural beauty to devastated areas. Find out more >>

More information

All trees are planted in Africa. Here you get the most value for your money. The various tree projects are non-governmental and every dollar plants a tree. For the atmosphere, it doesn’t matter where a tree is planted. It’s a global issue.
You can find more information under Tree Projects >>