Tree packages for the MICE industry

As the organizer of trade fairs, conferences, congresses, exhibitions, festivals or any other event, you can always consider a tree package to compensate for your activities. The size of the tree package can depend on the size of the event, the event concept, the general event theme, the energy or environmental impact or the number of participants. As a partner or supplier to the MICE industry, you can also link your products and services to planting trees. This could include: conference hotel, location rental company, bus, rental car or taxi company, chauffeur service, catering provider, translator, speaker, trainer, furniture rental company, technology provider or MICE travel agency. There is nothing that cannot be linked to an environmental contribution.

Tree packages for events & services

Successful events are the result of different companies and trades working together that interact with each other. Each individual trade is responsible for its own carbon footprint, as the organizer does. In the event industry in particular, it is a great challenge to implement green and sustainable aspects. While there are great concepts out there, a lot of CO2 is emitted and garbage is produced, unfortunately. Because this is difficult to change fast, we invite you to plan generously trees to contribute to climate protection and give a gift back to nature.

Implementation ideas
There are numerous ways in which you can combine a tree package with your event, your services and your MICE offer. Here are some examples:

  • a tree package as a CO2 compensation measure for the entire event
  • some trees as a lump-sum per square meter for all exhibitors as either a mandatory or a voluntary fee
  • a specific tree package per exhibitor or participating trade: technology, furniture rental, decorator, plant supplier, catering, waste disposal …
  • one tree package per service, e.g. 5 trees per speaker, moderator, translator
  • fixed or variable fee per guest or participant
Entrance ticket and parking ticket trade fair

Best practice: 1 ticket = 1 tree

The ideal solution to involve all participants and visitors in climate protection is to connect each entry ticket to a tree.

  • Include a tree in every ticket.
  • Offer an optional green admission ticket with a surcharge, either as a compulsory contribution or as a voluntary option.
  • Link some trees with your ticket and get the teres sponsored by another company. In return offer them advertising space on the ticket or voucher.

You can set the number of tickets and trees according to your own ideas or on the basis of a certain budget.
Example: 1 ticket = 1 tree. Of course, it is also possible to link several trees with one ticket. Example: 1 ticket = 5 trees.

Plant trees for free with events

There is one opportunity how to plant trees for free with Travel & Tree. Please feel free to contact us to find out more how that works.

Tree packages for car drivers

You can also offer a tree package to all drivers who come by car. This could be a one-off CO2 compensation offer for the travel to your event location.  The tree package may vary depending on the distance. Depending on the onsite infrastructure you can also link a tree to each parking ticket.

Process for a collaboration

  • You think about how you would like to link your service to a tree package. We are happy to support you with creative ideas.
  • If you want to communicate a tree package to your customers, exhibitors and participants, you will receive all the important information you need about the tree project from us.
  • Chose a name your new offer service called tree package, climate protection or environmental lump-sum or whatever you want to call it.
  • Add this green tree upgrade to your regular offer.
  • If your business partner books the tree package from you, you inform us about the number of trees to be planted.
  • You get an invoice from us.
  • Of course, you can also sponsor trees for your own services.
  • You or your customer can get a certificate for the trees.
  • You will receive a tree signet from us that you can embed into your website. The tree signet is an automatic tree counter so everyone knows that you are committed to planting trees. You can find more information about the tree signet on our page about our tree subscription.