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10 Trees for Travel Fans


Do you love to travel and discover the world? Does it also happen that you fly from time to time and don’t always travel by train or electric car? Then you now have the great opportunity to give something back to nature and protect our local forests. Ten trees store approx. five tons of CO2 permanently, meaning in Europe, about 75% of CO2 emissions will be removed per year.

Plant ten trees so we can preserve our forests and protect our climate. When you plant trees, you do a lot more than just reduce your carbon footprint. Intact and healthy forests have many valuable functions. They are important local recreation areas and holiday regions that support entire economic sectors. In addition, they preserve biodiversity, protect us from soil erosion, stabilize the groundwater level, etc. Imagine you go on vacation one day and realize that the forests are gone. Unfortunately, if we don’t protect them, that is what will happen. Now is the time to help prevent that from happening!