Tree Project in the Upper Palatinate (Bavaria)

We have a new tree project in the Upper Palatinate in our portfolio. There are various options for tree sponsorship, e.g., with an individual tree project for your company or an independent planting campaign with your team.

Project details Falkenstein

  • Location: near the market town of Falkenstein in the district of Cham
  • Total area: approx. 100 hectares
  • Area size = 3.4 hectares, field/meadow property that is newly first-time reforested
  • Total number of tree seedlings: approx. 12,000
  • Forest owner: private forest owner leased to Forest Management Foundation
  • 10% of the trees are NOT harvested, the rotation age and the proportion of deadwood are significantly increased
  • Tree species: Douglas fir (25%), larch (25%), red oak (15%), hornbeam (15%), hazel (20%)
  • Includes preparation of the planting area by milling, planting machines, fence construction including dismantling, area maintenance for three years of forest edge trees (little euonymus, sea buckthorn, sloe, rosehip), their planting, and improvement of unusual planting
  • Price per tree on request: special deal

Special Deals

  • On-site PR campaign
  • Individual planting campaign with companies/employees
  • Placing a sponsor sign in the forest