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3 Banana Trees


This package includes three banana trees per poor farmer in Tanzania. The cultivation provides the people with income-generating opportunities and helps them build a small permanent livelihood. They can eat the bananas, nourish their families, or sell them at a local market and live off the proceeds. The more bananas they take, the more families can make a living from them.

What about sponsoring as many bananas as you eat per year?
Approximately how many is that?

This contribution primarily helps poor farmers in Tanzania to get a bit more independent. They get three banana trees, which they plant in their cultivated fields and sell the banana harvest later.

This activity creates a sustainable cycle in line with the 2030 Agenda and the UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 2 on achieving food security and improving nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture. Giving crop plants to farmers is more than a contribution to climate protection. This support is automatically a very concrete development aid for economic self-help.