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70 Trees for Car Drivers


Do you like driving a car, preferably a powerful one or a muscle car? Do you like to drive fast? Great, then now is the right time to reduce your carbon footprint! Life is more complicated without a car, but giving something back to our environment is easy. With this package, you plant 70 valuable trees that our climate urgently needs and compensates for approx. 35 tons of CO2. The more trees you plant, the better!

This tree package helps both you and the climate to offset your carbon footprint for driving. On one hand, every new tree permanently stores CO2, and on the other hand, every tree helps poor people escape poverty. These 70 trees are nursed and planted by hand in Tanzania. This creates jobs and enables the employees in the tree nursery to earn a reasonable income from which entire families can live. This means that these trees are not only good for the climate, but they are also a tangible option for development aid in a developing country, which corresponds to several UN goals for sustainable development according to the 2030 Agenda.

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