Travel & Tree: The story

Travel & Tree: Travel and doing good for the climate

The story of Travel & Tree is simple: We have to do something to stop the climate change. The more, the faster the better.

As the initiator of Travel & Tree, I’ve been thinking about how lots of people can make a contribution to climate protection without incurring additional costs.


Travel & Tree is the right answer.

Travel & Tree: easy decision

We all want to prevent climate change and reduce our personal carbon footprint. On the other hand we know that many things that we like mean high CO2 emissions at the same time. This is a conflict. The search for environmentally friendly and fair traded offers starts. You quickly realize that green and sustainable propositions with high value often entail unwanted consequences: higher costs (e.g., for regional organic foods) or less comfort (e.g., limited mobility by public transport). We have to make a decision.

Luckily, more and more people prefer a fair and sustainable lifestyle. That’s great!
But: What about all other people? How can we catch them to also make a contribution to climate protection?

Unfortunately, not everyone in our civilized, western society is willing to spend more money on fair-trade products yet, pay carbon offsets to foundations or charitable organizations, or engage in environmental protection. So why not combine existing interests with CO2 compensation all in one? Such a solution simplifies a decision, doesn’t it?

Travel & Tree: Travel and lower your CO2 footprint without extra costs

Out of this consideration, Travel & Tree was born. For me, it was important to find a solution so that everyone can make a contribution, without having to spend additional expenditure or effort. I am fully aware that I cannot change the behavior of other people. At most, I can give impulses to think about one’s own carbon footprint in life.
What I can do, however, is to use the general behavior of others in terms of climate protection!Since I am as enthusiastic about tree-planting, the tropics and rainforests as I am for traveling, I have combined one with the other – and the result was born: Travel & Tree.

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