Compensate for your CO2 travel footprint

Compensate for your CO2 travel footprint

Do you love to travel? Guilty conscience about the CO2 footprint that you leave behind with your travels?
Great. Then you’ve come to the right place. We don’t want to belittle traveling, because we know that not traveling is simply not an option either. We want to make a contribution to climate protection and plant as many trees as possible. Get involved and do something good in terms of environmental protection. Planting trees supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) according to 2030 Agenda.

1,000 Trees for Flights

Do you fly a lot or often? Or have you already flown a lot in your life? Then this 1,000 trees package is the right one for you. You will make a great contribution to climate protection! Find out more >>

700 Trees for Flights

The 700 trees package is the best option for all frequent flyers and people who like to travel more often. Every trip and every stay emits lots of CO2. Give something back to nature now! Find out more >>

300 Trees for Flights

Do you fly occasionally, on business or on vacation? Do you love exotic destinations and pure, natural locations? Then plant 300 trees to preserve the beauty of our world for the future. Find out more >>

100 Banana Plants

Do you love bananas? Do you hate that western industrialized countries exploit poor countries? Then plant 100 banana trees. Farmers receive a fair salary for planting them, and they can sell the fruits to earn some more money. Read more >>

30 Banana Plants

Do you sometimes eat bananas? Have you ever thought about planting some banana trees? With every banana you plant you support a farmer to grow new ones. Become part of a sustainable nutrition circle and plant banana trees. Read more >>

10 Banana Plants

10 bananas don’t keep us full for long. However, planting 10 banana trees make a difference to the life quality of entire families in Tanzania. Planting 10 banana trees make families to earn money and provide food to their children every day. Get involved and support farmers in growing banana trees. Read more >>

500 Trees for Drivers

Do you love muscle cars or do you drive a lot by car? Then this 500 trees package is the right one for you. You are making a great contribution to climate protection! Find out more >>

300 Trees for Drivers

The 300 trees package is the ideal option for all drivers who travel a lot, e.g. in private or on business. Every car trip causes CO2 emissions. Please also consider the production of the car and all its components … Give something back to nature now! Find out more >>

100 Trees for Drivers

Do you occasionally drive because you can’t live without a car yet? Then, do something good for nature and plant 100 trees. This is good for your CO2 balance, but above all good for our climate! Find out more >>

70 Coffee Trees

Do you like drinking coffee? Do you also think farmers should be paid a fair rate? Then plant 70 coffee trees now. Farmers in Tanzania receive a good salary for growing coffee or rather generate stable income from the sale of the coffee beans. Read more >>

50 Coffee Trees

Do you like coffee? In general, could you imagine supporting coffee farmers directly? With every coffee tree you plant now, you help a family in Tanzania to live a better life. Don’t just drink coffee, plant it, too! Read more >>

20 Coffee Trees

How much coffee do you drink every day, something like 1.5-3 cups, that means approx. 550-1,100 cups per year. Promote sustainable coffee cultivation and plant coffee trees. This is good for both, the climate and the farmers in Tanzania who live from the harvest of these coffee trees. Read more >>

300 Trees # Climate

300 trees: The ideal offer for all tree and forest lovers. No frills and no clutter. Simply do something good for the forest and make the climate a little bit better. Find out more >>

100 Trees # Diversity

No forest is created from 100 trees, but 100 trees make a decisive contribution to significantly improving the bio-diversity in thinned forest areas. Find out more >>

30 Trees # Family

30 trees are a valuable contribution to reducing poverty and hunger. By raising trees and caring for them, individual parents generate enough income to feed their families. Find out more >>

Useful information

All trees and crops are planted in Tanzania. The projects are various non-governmental tree projects.
Read more about our tree projects here >>

Also read more about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how planting trees promotes them.
It’s much more than just climate action.